Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly allowance enthusiasm

We've started our 5-year-old on a weekly allowance.  We explained the rules to her yesterday.  She'll have to do her chores and in exchange she'll get money - 1/3 to put towards college, 1/3 to give to a charity of her choice, and 1/3 to use as she likes.  I've copied the system from a friend who said having an allowance has made her kids able to equate "toy I want" = "x weeks of allowance".

My 5-year-olds chores are:
1) Make her bed
2) Put her dirty laundry in the hamper
3) Dress herself
4) Clear her dishes
5) Participate in our family's weekend house clean-up

They are the same chores she has had to do anyway, but she sure does have more enthusiasm now!
This morning she rushed into my bedroom.
"Mommy, I've done all my morning chores," she said.  "I'm dressed, my pajamas are in the hamper, and I've made my bed!"
"That's great sweetheart," I said, "but it is three in the morning.  Go back to sleep!"

By Cara Eisenberg
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