Monday, June 29, 2009

Cradle Cap Treatment a la Cara'bout You

Effective Do-it-Yourself Home Remedy for Cradle Cap
Cradle cap is called a "cosmetic" problem.  By cosmetic, they mean that it should not hurt your baby and it is usually safe not to treat.  Thus, although my first child had sever cradle cap as a baby, after discussing options with my doctor, I decided to just accept her scaly head. I noticed, however, that when I would rub her scalp with olive or grape seed oil when giving her infant massages, some of the scales would come off temporarily, though they would always return. I mentioned this observation to my doctor. She told me that I should NEVER use a food base oil on my baby's scalp because these oils can feed yeast and, she explained, cradle cap can be caused by yeast. Oops.
I am all too familiar with yeast, unfortunately not just from baking bread. The plus side to this experience, is that I am adapt in using the yeast fighting active cultures that come naturally in yogurt.  I figured, why not try putting yogurt on my baby's head? After all, this would just be a more thorough version of what she does with her food most meals anyway.

At dinner I liberally coated my baby's scalp with plain yogurt. By bath time, a little over an hour later, the yogurt had hardened. I washed the yogurt out. Next, I dipped a Q-tip, (cotton swab), in mineral oil, (also called baby oil.) Mineral oil is not food based and can not feed yeast. I gently rubbed the Q-tip circularly over a small area of my baby's scalp. The flakes lifted off, revealing a beautiful smooth, slightly pink scalp underneath. The first time, I only did a small patch to test. The next day, when the cradle cap didn't return to the test patch and there were no ill effects, I did a little more. (I don't like the idea of coating too much of the head with mineral oil at once.) Before the end of the week, her whole scalp was done. When it was done, so was the cradle cap, never to return.

My cradle cap treatment has now worked amazingly well to promptly and painlessly cure my children's cradle cap and that of several friends' babies with no ill effects. It has never not worked - which probably means there is not a broad enough sample size! If you try it, (after of course discussing it with your doctor), please let me know how it goes.
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